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Artist graduated in Bachelor of Art Education, Faculty Bennett.Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. She has been an assistant of plastic artists Matheus Rocha Pitta in 2006 and Daniel Senise in 2008/2009. 


In 2005 She attended the courses of artists and art critics conducted by Rod Judhi  at Central Saint Martins College of Art & Design, London, Sarah Kent at Tate Britain, London and Colin Rhodes at Tate Modern, London. 


Lia do Rio in extension Course of UERJ; Franz Manata, 2008; Suzana Queiroga 2009 and Fernando Cochiarelli with Anna Bella Geiger,2009 in the School of Visual Arts in Parque Lage and with Pedro Varela 2010 ,in the Festival of Sesc Quitandinha. 


She was in a art resindence in HOM, Kuala Lampur, and in Tengara, Jogjakarta ,Indonesia in 2012 and in  Cabana Extemporânea, Funarte Sao Paulo in 2010.

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