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INTERES or International Residency is a program that aims to promote the exchange of art and culture between international visual artists, curators and art writers with the Malaysian art community.

It is a platform for international participants to learn about the local visual arts industry through establishing networks and collaborative projects.


  • Is open to all international visual artists, curators and art writers.

  • The residency period is between 25 to 30 days, started early in each month and it runs throughout the year.

  • The participants will engage themselves in building networks to instigate potential collaboration with the local art community.


  • Lodging. An air-conditioned room with a double-decker bed that will be shared with another participant.

  • A studio that shared with the local artist and

  • Local transportation (Otherwise stated, participants will have to provide their own return flight tickets, traveling visa, meals and medical expenses)

The program provides:


  • A sharing studio for resident artists to produce their artworks.

  • Art materials and allowances for resident artists.

  • A mentoring process involving guest artists who will provide advice and guidance to resident artists to help them generate ideas and concepts for their artworks.

  • A number of supporting programs that will allow resident artists to have better exposure to and communication with the local art scene. 



  • Visiting senior artists, art collectors and art institutions, and attending art events. 

  • Joining sharing and talk sessions with selected communities, such as students of 
    secondary schools and art universities. 

  • Participating in workshops with selected artist collectives and groups. 

  • Holding solo exhibitions of the artworks produced during the residency. 


The residency will be held at HOM Studio at 12 A Jalan Cempaka 16, Taman Cempaka, 68000 Ampang Selangor, Malaysia



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