A-RES, short form for Adopted Residency is a six-month residency programme designed for young and emerging local artists to start creating their name and building their own career in the local art scene.


The programme emphasizes on committed studio practice that serves as guidance in art direction and technique for the resident artists, fully supervised by HOM Art Trans and guest artists. They will also be exposed to the reality of being a full time artist.


Towards the end of the programme, all the artworks that are produced during the residency will be exhibited for public viewing.

A-RES is a 6-month residency program focusing primarily on young and emerging local artists with the objective of establishing their names and launching their careers in the local art world.


The program focuses on a committed studio practice, and providing guidance to resident artists, with regard to their art directions and techniques, under the supervision of HOM Art Trans and guest mentor artists. The resident artists will also be exposed to the realities of working as full-time artists.

Towards the end of the program, all the artworks produced during the residency will be exhibited for public viewing.





  • To manage, develop and promote resident artists, and prepare them to enter local and international art scenes.

  • To guide and train resident artists to become professional artists.

  • To encourage resident artists to participate in art-related events organized by various communities.

  • To provide opportunities to resident artists to exchange ideas with their international counterparts and establish networking with local established artists and other parties in the art scene. 




  • A sharing studio for resident artists to produce their artworks.

  • Art materials and allowances for resident artists.

  • A mentoring process involving guest artists who will provide advice and guidance to resident artists to help them generate ideas and concepts for their artworks.

  • A number of supporting programs that will allow resident artists to have better exposure to and communication with the local art scene. 


Timeline of Residency


A-RES is a 6-month residency program designed for young and emerging Malaysian visual artists. It runs two sessions annually, with each session involving only two artists. 



Selection of Artist 



  • Artists working with contemporary art and addressing current issues, and willing to work in team and with communities.

  • Application is by open call using digital messaging and personal email. Applicants are preferably fine art graduates and self-taught artists aged below 35.

  • Artists need to submit their CVs and portfolios to support their application. 



Upon Completion of Residency


Short term:

Former resident artists are to hold and get involved in:


  • A series of exhibitions at HOM Art Trans.

  • A series of art talks, specifically to artist communities.

  • A series of workshops at art schools and institutions.


Long term:

The alumni of this residency program are required:


  • To participate in international group exhibitions meant to bring Malaysian contemporary art to the world.

  • To participate in charity exhibitions aimed at raising funds for those in need.

  • To create programs that can help young artists.